Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Shambolic Cameron

Notice how quick the newspapers and bloggers were to pick up McShane's quick quip re Nigel Farage's expenses but there was nothing about how shambolic Cameron was with Andrew Marr?

He truly highlighted how dire the Tory policy is on the EU and how much they really want to keep quiet about it, which is why today he's been blathering on about 'reform' and 'bringing politics closer to the people' without of course mentioning the EU and how it drives one hundred coach and horses between the legislative and the voters. Even in the middle of the EU elections he can't bring himself to talk about the EU.

For those of you who missed it, enjoy:

A peck on the cheek for anyone who can tell me what his policy actually is...

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subrosa said...

Surely trixy you know what it is - he doesn't have one.

He should say he'll withdraw the UK from the EU and join the Council of Europe - best of both worlds then.

WV: humist (I think he is)