Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kevin Maguire and the tales of hypocrisy

There can hardly be a more hypocritical journalist than the Mirror's Kevin Maguire. One only needs to look at the part he played in the 'Red Rag' affair to hold the opinion that this is a man who might not be in journalism to ensure the truth will out.

Today is no exception, with another nonsense piece of hackary as the media try to attack UKIP to save themselves the bother of working out what happens in the European Union:

The anti-Brussels party's ridden the Euro gravy train like few others.

Leader Nigel Farage cheerfully admits "pushing £2m" in expenses since 1999. MEP Ashley Mote was expelled from the party and jailed for fiddling benefits.

No, Farage kicked Ashley Mote out as soon as he found out, just as he risked the wrath of former party leader Roger Knapman for insisting that action be taken against Tom Wise as soon as details of what he'd done emerged.

He hasn't 'ridden the gravy train', he's a man who has given 10 years of his life and the chance to watch his children grow up to tell people across the country about the EU: a job which is harder work than it should be because the media can't be bothered to write about it. It's the ultimate elephant in the room.

Whispers reach my tiny ears that all papers are trying to do a hatchet job on UKIP for no other reason than they just don't like them. They've ensured that there hasn't been a proper debate about the EU, they've pandered to Cameron's complete inability to come up with a policy on the EU, they haven't taken Labour or the Lib Dems to task over their position on the Lisbon Constitution.

How unsurprising that a hack who gets to drive around in a chauffeur driven Mercedes attacks someone who drives around in a K reg battered old volvo for milking expenses. It's the same car which has taken him around the country speaking in venues as diverse as village halls and sixth form colleges to BBC Question Time.

The rule with MEPs is quite simple: if you work hard, you don't make money. If you work as hard as Farage, it costs you money.

But that's probably a little to hard for our Kev to grasp:


It Will Come to Me said...

Judging from the video clip he's got a super sense of humour. He can't be all bad.

Trixy said...

I'm sure most people have some good in them, I just value democracy more than I do some boys club tickling each other behind the ears journo clique.

James Higham said...

There can hardly be a more hypocritical journalist than the Mirror's Kevin Maguire.


TheBigYin said...

The journo's in this country are nothing but lazy riff raff.

freedom2choose dot info backs UKIP's Save the British Pub initiative.

cartermagna said...

There are many things wrong with that clip, the first of which is that Maguire didn't get happy slapped or nuthin'! I've heard it said somewhere else on the blogosphere paraphrasing Terry Pratchett (although don't ask me where) that meeting an honest politician was like meeting a poor priest. Not that different to left wing journos like Maguire or Mizz Toynbee.

ukipwebmaster said...

Breaking news! Servant's quarters funded by taxpayer:

John Buckingham said...

Not sure self-publicism counts as 'work', though, does it? Not really what he's paid to do...

Jon Forest said...

It's not so much that Maguire is a complete hypocrite that bothers me.
It's that the BBC keeps trotting him out as an independent reviewer and commentator - a voice of reason! - without mentioning that he is in reality Nu Liebour's media placeman and mouthpiece.
I certainly resent every penny of my licence fee that goes to this imbecile.

Twig said...

This is just diversionary tactics from Gordon Brown's sockpuppet.

Does anyone take him seriously?

ukipwebmaster said...

MEPs expenses - The biter bit!

King Athelstan said...

I utterly despise Maguire, calling him a sockpuppet is unfair to sockpuppets.

Twig said...

Admonishment accepted.
My unreserved apologies to sockpuppets everywhere.

Was Maguire cleared of any involvement in Smeargate along with Tom Watson & Charlie Whelan?