Monday, March 30, 2009

Britblog roundup 215: Harry Potter and the YouTube video

Apologies for the late arrival of this weeks Britblog and for the fairly surly and rushed tone it will be delivered in: I'm ill, and I hate being ill. I also have a cat sitting on my keyboard.

The big story this week was that people finally worked out there was a Parliament in Brussels and Strasbourg. It's true, chaps, but don't tell the MSM or they might get upset. At least the world has blogs, ready to catapult their latest darling into the stratosphere.

Young Dan Hannan was the man who caused all the rumpus, and the video was praised by all and sundry forcing even the national media to comment on it. Sort of. Trixy has heard it's caused all sorts of goings on within Tory HQ and a certain seat in Woking which may have a new Tory candidate. But it's all unsubstantiated tittle-tattle and, Lord knows, I'm not one for gossip myself.

The other big story was the news that our beloved Home Secretary, fond of a kebab herself, has apparently been paying for her husband to have some of his own. One wonders how long it will be before a paper with a large circulation actually decides what the long game is and has a sensible campaign to reform MPs expenses rather than the usual drivel?

Sticking with lady vixen parts for one more entry...

Moving swiftly on from that unpleasant image of two-bellies and her husband to some other stories gracing the blogosphere this week.

It seems that Richard Curtis can’t bring himself to stick to historical facts in case he upsets some of his chums.

Meanwhile, go read Craig Murray’s most important post he’s ever written. His words, not mine. And it probably is regardless of whether you’re in the FCO or some guy on the street who has to pay for it all.

Someone’s defending Eric Pickles! He was shit on Question Time and he owns two houses at a time when repossessions are increasing and young people can’t afford to buy even one house. So what’s the solution? Go read it and find out.

What a start to the Formula One season! Can Ross Brawn represent us at the G20 instead of Brown, I wonder? At least he has a proven track record of success...

Scrambling away from that costly PR exercise to a slightly cheaper and more amusing one: Lynne Featherstone has a titter-inducing video and possibly too much time on her hands considering she’s a Member of Parliament. Not the blog, no: MPs telling us what they're up to is a novel thing and I like it, just go and look. I seem to recall seeing something on ‘You’ve been framed’ or similar when I was a wee Trixy.

A lady with mental health problems: no, not the PMT stuff which can be solved with a daily milk (I really want a dairy milk now) but the stuff that needs decent and urgent assistance. Alas, as I have experienced myself, the NHS does rather hamper this.

There’s a huge gulf between a dairy milk and scotch eggs. The former I want, the latter is making an ill Trixy feel worse. If you’re not a fan, there’s also a nice book review and another example of an incompetent council.

A quick hop down the deli counter and we’ve moved from scotch eggs to circumcision. It doesn’t sound that nice, but chaps, at least it’s not done with a spoon as some young girls have to experience in Africa. (that’s not a nice video, by the way)

Hammersmith Bridge: It’s green, it crosses a river and it has one of those great stories about British people in the face of adversity.

The Daily Maybe on the problems that social networking sites can cause. A question: If you twitter, does that make you a twit?

His Grace has a truly excellent post on the MCB and the astonishing news that The Little Chipmunk has done something right. Gosh. Whilst we're talking about the MCB and their unpleasant deputy head, Heresy Corner also has something to say.

Curly dips his toe into the world of uniforms albeit in a different way to Mr Smith of Reddich.

Someone almost as stroppy as me has a thing or two to say to the Archbishop.

And finally, because I'm feeling really ill again, one of my favourite blogs with some news on how it might be worth sending your child to private school.

And that's the last time I ask for entries from my fellow britbloggers: there were millions. Sorry to those who wrote wonderful things which I didn't include but I'm about to vomit on the carpet.

Next week Charles is hosting us all. I do hope he remembers the nice biscuits for his premiere.

Pip pip



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Surely you meant the 'catty and rushed tone' in view of the moggy presence?

Hope you feel better soon! Trust you getting lots of TLC!

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I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


it's either banned or compulsory said...

Nice set of links, thank you, the Lynne Featherstone one does not work and I was unable to find the vid you mention.