Monday, August 13, 2007

New fashion item

Avid readers will know that I am a style guru extraordinaire with a large collection of shoes (the latest ones are hot pink stilettos and a very nice orange dress from Nicole Farhi) but I have found an item which should be in even greater demand than the Roland Mouret Moon dress

For the lad about town, the city gent, the lady who lunches or anyone who doesn't want a knife in their back, I present the Kevlar Hoodie:

From their website we can see that the specially designed hoodie gives the wearer additional protection from knife attacks. Because those white slashes in the picture above we made when a 15 year old was slashed more than 20 times across his back when he was using the cash machine. The hoodies are made from stab and fire resistant material work by British troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. I am going to invest in one; they company have now brought them out in pink....


Big Chip Dale said...

How odd that you post this. I was attacked by a slasher the other day, though I doubt if Kevlar could have protected me. He didn't wield a knife and was involved in a different kind of slashing.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Or you could just put violent criminals in large, stab-proof vests ... what are they called ... ah yes, prisons.