Monday, August 13, 2007

Crazy country

Honestly. I leave the country and the next day we have a foot and mouth outbreak.

I had a lovely time away from all the crap here but now I am back I am once again depressed by the state of this country.

Take this story:

A HOME owner has been arrested after confronting an intruder who plunged from the balcony of his top floor flat. It is understood that Patrick Walsh, 56, awoke to find the 43-year-old intruder rifling through his flat at about 6.00am on Monday.
A confrontation followed and it is believed the intruder made his escape through the window before dropping on to a concrete yard.

So some guy breaks into someone else's house, falls out of the window and the victim in all of this gets arrested.

There needs to be an end to this idea where people defending themselves and their property end up in trouble with the law. The law should be there to defend people who abide by it. With rights comes responsibilities and I don't see why someone who breaks the law should then be defended by it. If someone hurts themselves when they break the law, I think tough shit. If they hadn't put themselves in a situation where they could get hurt by breaking the law then they wouldn't be in that position. DOn't want to fall out of a top floor flat? Then don't break into a top floor flat.
Mr Walsh was then arrested on suspicion of causing grievous bodily harm with intent. He has been bailed until November...Det Insp Will Chatterton, who is leading the inquiry, said arresting Mr Walsh was the right course of action given the `ambiguities' of the case...

Personally, given the state of crime in this country, with people being let out of prison early only to re offend, the inability of immigration officers to deny entry to people from EU countries who have criminal records and police too tied up with paper work to actually go out and fight crime, the police should probably stop arresting people who were trying to defend their person and their property. If people who committed crimes didn't have the knowledge that anyone trying to protect themselves would probably end up in more trouble than they would for committing the crime in the first place, maybe there would be a few less burglaries?

Break the law, and expect to get shafted, I say. We should be deterring people from being thieving arseholes, not slamming the people who are the victims in the whole situation.

*once again I say, don't come moaning to me with your bleeding heart socialism about how everyone has human rights and all that shit. Stick to the law and it should be there to protect you. Don't keep your side of the bargain and expect to be cast out in the cold.


James said...

I couldn't agree more. It's ridiculous that people are defenceless in their own homes against intruders.

Mark Wadsworth said...

"given the `ambiguities' of the case..."

WTF? What about innocent 'til proven guilty? If there are ambiguities, that means he ought NOT be arrested.