Wednesday, August 29, 2007

EU undertake self regulation

From my Bruges Group update, I see that the EU have passed a new law which requires them to monitor their actions themselves...

* Rules on examining vegetables
Commission Directive 2007/49/EC amending Directive 2003/91/EC setting out implementing measures for the purposes of Article 7 of Council Directive 2002/55/EC as regards the characteristics to be covered as a minimum by the examination and the minimum conditions for examining certain varieties of vegetable species

Did anyone else read the really funny piece by David Cameron in The Sun yesterday? It contained hilarious tongue-in-cheek lines such as:

...what makes you think you can change the way our country is governemd without asking the British people first?

Well, as a Conservative he is well placed to answer his own question which he did with absolute accuracy..


Just like the Conservatives taking Britain into the Common Market, knowing full well the plans were for a political union, but denying the British people their say in a referendum? Just like the Maastricht Treaty, where Conservative Party forced through huge changes to how this country was governed without so much as a by your leave to the people who pay their wages?

I hope people see through the lies and arrogance of the Boy Dave. He really is a C**t.


James said...

Ha. Not a fan then.

Anonymous said...

Cameron`s a slick Two-Faced Tory slimebag who will do what his predecessors have done and sell us out to the Brussels Bastardioso. A bit like The Godfather; Don Diego Barrosso will make him an offer he can`t refuse and the spineless worms in what passes for the Tory Party will continue to collectively suck the Commission`s cock, whilst the rest of us have to wipe the stinging eurojizz from our eyes.

Trixy said...

That's poetic, angus.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Yes, DC is a total let down.