Sunday, December 24, 2006

I am fucked off

I went down my local tonight to celebrate what some people think to be the birth of the Messiah. Well, have a lovely religious festival.

I personally went down the pub to see my friends. It's a local in a village I live in (but only for a few more weeks) which is basically full of people who think the Sun is a literary masterpiece. In many ways, it could be considered so, but for actual political content, it really isn't. And I love the people who write for it: those politics guys are bright, funny, sharp and know exactly what's going on, but they quite simply don't have the space to write it all.

Anyway, my big 'Moan of the Year' goes to inverted snobbery

These very same people I drink with on occasions are the people who will -not to my face - slag me off. Come on; I'm a big girl. I can cope with someone telling me they don't particularly like me. I've said it to enough people myself. But when grown men and women can't accept the fact that someone younger than them is more qualified, more intelligent (maybe a presumption, but I am fairly on the ball) and better paid than them, they can only cope with it by ganging up and being spiteful.

Can you imagine if I refused to speak to someone on the grounds that they only flipped burgers for a living? Me, with both my degrees by the time I was 22 decided that I was too good for them? Me, who put myself through university, including spending many years working behind bars, decided I was better than other people because of my qualifications and my job? There would be an outrage.

But in Nu Labour's Britain, that's exactly what happens. Those very same people who sit there drinking their child benefit which I pay for, also have the right to be evil to me because I am younger than them, and, in their eyes too, more successful. They are allowed to slag me and my friends off for not being like them, because in their eyes, being successful is a bad thing.

Fuck you. Shove your fucking attitude back up your fundament where it belongs. You sit there being so cunting smug, so polite to my face, so full of yourself and yet what have you actually done but as little as you possibly can, whilst those of us who wake up to go to work around the same time you are finishing your last beer, who pay in tax more than you will earn because they work hard, are supposed to feel sprry for doing so?

I will never feel sorry for working hard. I will always strive to be successful. I will always do what I think is best; and if you don't like it you can go fuck yourself.

That is, of course, after you've spend my tax payments on beer making yourselr feel like the ruler of the universe.

Cunts, the lot of you.


Anonymous said...

Good to vent. It does not change those who feel that way one jot, as you know. It's their loss and, perhaps, need not concern you any longer.

Have a good break.


Trixy said...

Am in no doubt it will not make one jot of difference, but I felt so much better after ranting!

Have yourself a good break too


Anonymous said...

I love your use of bad language, you are obviously seriously pissed off and it's good to see you are not afraid to express yourself with help form some excellent swear words - some may call me ignorrant for saying this but you know - Fuck them ;o) Oh, and I can't spell :o)