Tuesday, June 07, 2005

What part of 'no' don't you understand??!

Fantastic black wedge sandals from LK Bennet - How come no one told me there was a duty free shop in Terminal 1?

It's been a while since I've updated my blog, because I've been a busy little bee. Last week I flew off to Paris to hear the results of the French referendum on the EU Constitution in the place where it was all happening! Unfortunately, I decided to finish off my bottle of wine in the restaurant first and so was in a taxi practising my French (you know the kind - ou est la plume de ma tante) when the results happened. Am I sad and disappointed? No! Because 1) The French told ol' sproutland exactly which orifice to stick their 'tidying up exercise' into and 2) There was much champagne to be drunk.

Then, of course, there was the result of the Dutch referendum, which was no less delightful but did involve less drinking. We were in Brussels for that, gate crashed the socialist press conference (and thank goodness for them that we did - someone needed to turn up!) and then toddled along to the Commission to hear what the big knobs had to say about another country saying 'NO!'.

Well, what did they have to say. Things that made me want to shake them, if I'm honest. Apparently, the Dutch only voted no because they were unhappy with domestic issues and the French voted no because they weren't aware of the facts. This is despite all citizens receiving a copy of the document. Maybe, just maybe, they were upset because despite a hugely unfair campaign, with the 'yes - hand your country to unelected bureaucrats' getting 85% of press coverage and gazillions more spondolies to spend, sanity prevailed.

So, Mr Kinnock (yes, I heard you on the BBC the next morning...for God's sake man, you lost an election to John Major how much lower can you sink?), Mr Barroso and Mr Junker. We don't need educating. We don't need our tax money to be spent on propaganda, we don't need to be patronised into being told how to think. We want you to listen to us and understand that no means NO. We don't want a constitution for Europe, we want individual sovereign states who govern their own country. Stop strangling us with regulation, stop taking our money, stop punishing the third world with your agricultural and trade policies and let us run our own country!

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