Monday, June 27, 2005

It's monday, I can't cope...

...with talking about anything which is going to use more than 5 brain cells. I was going to talk about Tony Blair and his new job being the President of the EU (I bet that caused some frantic panting on his behalf - fantasy or what?!?) but I´m bored of it already. So, this week I am going to do a special feature on things I would put into Room 101. Five items, so one each day of the week.

Monday is:


They are the scum underclass of flowers. Always to be found in the biology department, half dead on the windowsill, or in window boxes of hotels of the kind where the cleanliness of bedlinen is not to be taken for granted. The colours are hidous: both on their own and together. Salmon pink is bad enough, but with RED? I ask you. Mother nature is clearly not a gay man.

One thing I won't be putting into Room 101, though, is my new Gina shoes. They are the highlight of my year.

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