Thursday, June 30, 2005

Thursday's child....

Is Junker! In he goes! wee, plop.

The PM of Luxembourg is going to hold a referendum on the Treaty establishing a Constitution despite it being dead as a dodo. Or, indeed, a doo-doo.

I heard yesterday that all 55 MPs in Luxembourg voted to establish the Treaty, with 5 not taking part in the vote. Maybe they found something more worthwhile to do with their time than vote on something which is notgoing to be taking place. How much money are they planning to waste on asking the people of Luxembourg, a country with a population of 400,000 (less than Croydon, but far nicer, I should imagine) whether they want the European Union to become even further integrated and federal, when those in France and Holland - i.e millions of people - have said that it's not going to happen.

Apparently, Junker will resign if he loses the referendum. The 'no' vote currently stands at 45% but it rising, so there's a good chance for him he won't have to fire himself. But still, Junker, I think you're missing the point....

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