Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Two today, since I was so busy yesterday


Today, I am putting the Economic and Monetary Committee of the European Parliament into room 101, excluding Dr Whittaker, Lars Wohlin and Peter Skinner, and the secretariat, who are fabulous.

Why? Because I'm not entirely sure they aren't a sabotage camp set up by multi-nationals to squeeze out small businesses, and make our entire world sponsered by McDonalds and Glade plug ins.

The other day, I was taking notes on a report and a member started talking about economies of scale. "great", said she, the Economics graduate. "Let's see what they think about this." Well, nothing. They had clearly just opened a GCSE economics text book, picked a phrase out of it to make it seem as though they use something about economics, and then failed to continue this line of thought. Why did they fail to follow it? I think it maybe because they don't actually know what economies of scale are. I firnly believe that these kind of policies should be left to experts and the governments of nation states, who can be held directly accountable.

I'm sure they mean well, I'm sure they are trying their best.


Superglue. Have just stuck my fingers together.

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