Sunday, May 01, 2005

Tell me on a sunday

todays shoes: pretty flip flops I thought I had left at the bastard ex's house

No bank holiday for me, am off to Kent again tomorrow for more fun canvassing. Yet was also out on a sunday in my local area where yet again I discovered how 'on side' people are about the European Question. Will they vote according to their beliefs, though?

If you frequently rely on the media for your news you would be forgiven for thinking that there were only three parties running in this election, possibly four if you are silly enough to watch the BBC (I'm thinking Green Party here). Today's subject for why people are so bored with the election is why the media are choosing to bore people even further with their coverage of the election.

2. Do News International get a big cheque from Tony?

All they seem to do is bicker and fight - but why when they are so similar. Because they are so similar, is my conclusion. Mike says Tony is a liar over the war. Okay, Tony might be but little me managed to come to that conclusion over the war without being involved in MI5 and reading the transcripts from the Security Council. Charlie looks even more like an alcoholic /AIDS victim and has the mistaken view that his party is voted for by sensible, informed people rather than liberal sandal-wearing lefties who haven't quite gotten to grips with economic policy and is slagging the other two off for, well, anything. Tony is slagging Mike off for wanting to make public services more efficient without understanding that this can mean that spending goes down without services slipping. (Can they get much worse - that's for another day).

Minor issues when 70% of our laws come from Brussels, though, chaps.

Yet the party with the most interesting and different policies is getting completely ignored. In this bogus election the one party offering for Britain to be run from Westminster without giving billions of pounds to inefficient and corrupt Brussels, far reaching economic policies (drawn up by some economists!) and realistic ways to improve public services and stop the 'free ride' Britain has become, came behind the SNP when it came to the launch of their manifesto. Whether it's the newspapers, the tv or the radio it's the 'big three' getting coverage and the parties with something new and different to say getting nothing but frustrated. It's a shame, because people out there want to know if something different is being proposed and want to know the truth. evens on turnout this year being lower than last year!

Are the media scared that people will actually realise the truth about Europe after they've been lied to for so many years? Even the other day the Sun was telling people not to vote Lib Dem because they want the EU Constitution. Hello editor! Labour is leading that campaign!

Things would be a lot different if I were in charge, that's for certain. More shoe sales, for one.

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