Sunday, May 08, 2005

Back to the drawing board?

Election over, time to think?

After all that work, my party of choice managed to get no seats in the Westminster Parliament. There was a big increase in the number of votes achieved, but nothing compared to the huge success we had last year during the European Elections.

Am I despondant? Not really. Satisfied that my opinions of the general public are correct and also even more certain that universal sufferage is a bad idea, but there is simply too much to be getting on with.

The three old parties were very successful in keeping the big question of Europe away from the headlines (ironic, really) but in a few weeks time Tony Blair is going to have a wet dream when he becomes President of Europe. Sadly for him it's only for six months, but that's long enough for the twat-extraordinaire to make enough stupid mistakes (Prescott as Deputy Prime Minister, anyone? You know he's made many...) for questions to be asked about where the EU is going. Admittedly these questions have been asked and answered honestly in most other EU countries, but the British population will insist on keeping their heads in the sand.

So good luck France in your fight against the EU man-eating octopus (a title of a porn film, shurely?) and good luck you genuine eurosceptics in making Tony squirm and shit his pants.

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