Saturday, April 30, 2005

When will it be over?

Anyone who is an avid follower of my blog (Emma) will know that I have been strangely absent recently. My reason? The General Election.

Now, I am all for democracy: People should use the opportunity they have to decide how their country is run, but I have noticed in this election how monumentally bored people have become in it.

We've been doing very well down in the constituency I am working in, trying to get our candidate elected but so often when I call on someone, they just don't want to know. So from now untilI run out of things to write about I shall focus on why people are less and less interested in voting. Today, we have:

The three main parties are all the same

What's so different about the Lib-Lab-Con? Nothing, really. When 70% of our laws come from Brussels and they decide so many issues, such as immigration and the price of food products what's the difference between voting for any of them? Yes, the Tories may say they are anti-EU but then why are some of their MEPs using their secretarial allowance money to finance the pro-Constitution propaganda? Labour have gone along way from their withdrawalist manifesto of 1983 and the Lib Dems are not of this earth, wanting further integration. I therefore conclude that it's a three horse race between the 'want ins', the 'want outs' and the 'I don't want to knows'.

I hope the 'want outs' win but I think the 'I don't want to knows' may do so...

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