Thursday, February 21, 2008

Was it his tired and emotional state that made Tory MEP Christopher Beazley vote in favour of the Lisbon Treaty yesterday in Strasbourg?

He clearly thinks that such a decision was in the interests of the country because he asked UKIP leader Nigel Farage if he could borrow the union flag which was on his desk.

I am also wondering why the Tory MEPs didn't vote in favour of referendums in individual countries. I know wankers like Richard Corbett say that to vote in favour of a referendum in a parliament would be hypocritial, but that's because he's willing to say anything that would make the likelihood of a referendum impossible.
Firmly believes that, since the choice involved will have a profound impact on the future, a European treaty should be ratified in all the Member States by means of a referendum, following a pluralist debate on the substance of the treaty and the issues at stake

Or perhaps, he's going to go back to his constituency and tell people how awful the Labour government are for their behaviour over this treaty? And we'll be treated to David Cameron and William Hague telling the public that the Tories would give a referendum whilst their MEPs don't seem to agree. I wonder when it comes to election time if they'll tell their voters what they did...

Who knows.

It does go without saying, however, that the Labour and Lib Dems voted for further integration without asking the people or honouring their parties manifesto pledges at every opportunity.

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