Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Come Dancing

Some of you may know that ol' Trix is something of a ballroom dancing fan and has actually become rather good at it. (Instructor told me yesterday my waltz was "perfect, as usual") but it's rather annoying not having a proper partner, as such.

Lots of us girls choose to dance on our own and wait until we can dance with instructor, as it's just easier, really. Better than dancing with Square Bob High Pants or one of the other boys in the class who can't lead and, when you do something like the Viennese waltz, end up dragging you into the middle of the floor and treading on your feet. No thank you.

I did, however, spot someone today who could be my partner. Our new Prime Minister seemed to be dancing around David Cameron today, despite it only being his first Prime Minister's Questions. You would have thought that Cameron would have it fairly easy. It's not like Gordon hasn't been intrinsic in the last 10 years of abject misery and failure which this Labour government have inflicted on this country: as I've said before, he's such a money grabbing bastard I would not be in the least bit surprised if he tried to tax me for loose change I found down the side of the sofa. And yet today Cameron looked decidedly on the back foot like previous Wednesday afternoons.

Surely his biggest problem would be which questions to ask the Prime Minister about failures in the country? I don't know where I would start, there are so many. The increased tax burden, soaring house prices making affordable housing for young people a distant dream for most unless their parents can help out considerably, the lack of a referendum on the new EU Not-The-Constitution, the NHS, funding of the armed forces, the future energy policy....

And yet he bumbles on and lets the one eyed tax monster look as though he is competent enough to be our Prime Minister.

A few friends in the Tory Party have said they hope that UKIP and the Lib Dems do well in the two forthcoming by elections as the Tories don't deserve to do well at the moment. I don't hope the Lib Dems do well as I despise them, but the former I, obviously, hope do very well.

At least we have some policies, which is a start in politics....

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