Saturday, December 17, 2005

Rebate fiasco

I'm to copy a little summary from today's 'SUN' newpaper, as I'm not feeling very well (not just because I'm physaically sickened by the 'deal' Bliar decided upon today...Deal - I think steal I is more appropriate') and also because it summed up in very few words how I feel:

Saturday, December 17, 2005
A lost chance

A BILLION here, a billion there and pretty soon you are talking about realmoney. Last night Tony Blair caved in to the French and handed over another billion ayear to keep the shambolic EU in business.

The fiendishly complex gravy train defies rational explanation. But we know itis wasteful and corrupt.Each Pound shrinks by 20p just by passing through the bureaucratic EU wringer. Vast sums are sprayed around the world in inefficient aid.

Much of the rest sticks to grubby fingers as its passes along the line. Some actually ends up in new roads and bridges, but in the most expensive wayimaginable. Year after year, EU auditors refuse to sign off the accounts.

Tony Blair had a chance to put a bomb under this scandal last night.He could have vetoed plans to spend even more and force a shake-up of the wholeshambles. Instead, to Gordon Brown’s fury, the PM signed up to an extra £7BILLION overseven years. That’s money the Chancellor must find in higher taxes to pay for a spending splurge which is running out of steam.

Odd that the Sun still insists on supporting Labour, mind. These are the comments that UKIP have been making for ten years...

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