Saturday, December 31, 2005

Bob Geldof

Is a good chap who genuinely cares about poverty, in my opinion. Don't know him but that' how he comes across, and actions speak louder than words.

I am also glad that, in spite of joining policy forums for the Conservatives on policy, he is going to remain non-partisan, Why?

I saw a clip on tv about him questioning Margaret Thatcher regarding the VAT on the Bandaid single. The reason VAT can't be removed on products is because of the EU - it is currently one of the few ways the EU can collect its own revenue, until the proposed EU tax comes into play.

If Bob Geldof wants to combat poverty, he is looking in the right direction with trade. I wonder what he made of the WTO talks with Mandelson holding back progress with every minute he was there representing the French. The way to development is through trade - it increases parity. Everyone can become better off through efficiency and the sharing of knowledge. Ricado came up with this in the nineteeth century, so why so we have a common external tariff? Why are we driving ourselves into economic obscurity with this regulation, and then raising tariffs to make sure that we don't become uncompetitive in our own markets?

Our former colonies who chose to stay with the Commonwealth can decide their own trade policy, but we can't. The British, who spread trade and liberal democracy throughout the world, and who now are being tied down with some kind of 'middle class guilt' about being a global power, are being governed by people who are not accountable to anyone but themselves. You want a good example, there's a former leader of the opposition and his family doing very well for himself....

Mr Geldof - you want to help make poverty history, then help the 3rd largest trading nation in the world leave the EU.


Michael said...

Interesting post, and a good blog, keep up the good work.

Trixy said...

thank you very much.

Elaib said...

You gone missing?

Trixy said...

I am back. Was suffering with post xmas not drinking stress.