Tuesday, December 20, 2005

mental bureaucrats


Am just listening to the fat portuguese 'president' of the Commission, and it is making me very angry.

He says that this has been a good year for European development - HELLO? Are they just completely deaf to the cries of the people who have to pay for this ridiclous circus and who rejected the Constitution? Why are they boasting about aid to developing nations when these countries used to get more aid when it wasn't centralised by the EU? Well Done Glynnis Kinnock. Why are they spouting this shit when Commissioner Mandelson, apparently speaking on behalf of 25 countries (who can he when they all have different trade needs - eh, eh?) but who looks suspiciously like he is twice sacked from the British Government and is now working for the French - will not lead by example. Why do they give aid to these countries when they don't trade with them, which is a long term solution to their poverty. Why do they continue with these fisheries deals which ransack the fishstocks of african nations and then come back and sit in the sterile environment of the council or the Parliament and talk about how well they are doing?

And most bizarre of all - why do people believe them? Why do people vote for them? Bliar yesterday completely ignored David Cameron's comment about why Ireland was receiving more per capita from the EU budget than these eastern european countries who Blair said our taxes are going to help.

And that's another thing - I thought charity started at home? I hope that the charity 'Shelter' this year doesn't have any homeless people to help because our tax money first of all went to help British people? They should be helped by our government, not ignored because people are used to the problem of poverty in the UK, and it is no longer a vote winner.

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blogoff said...

I think it's only fair that Ireland receives the EU funding it does. For one, they knew what to do with it, unlike Italy, and prospered finally, following years of high unemployment, poverty and mass emigration which in part was due to Britain meddling in her affairs for so long, and fucking the place up.
So Tory girl, is there more to life than shoes? Not really if your ass is too big for the rest of fashion to embrace.