Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Interviewer of the Year?

At the Press Gazette Awards last night a woman who wrote the worst piece of journalism I've ever read won the award for Interviewer of the Year.

The utterly ghastly Camilla Long, who would like Gordon Brown to fuck her as well as the economy of this country, must surely have been sleeping with the judges to be awarded such a prize?

For this is a woman who thinks that mocking someone for having cancer is funny.
I read that interview and immediately recommended that a transcript of the interview should be requested.

I will not be buying the Sunday Times and I will certainly be recommending to those in my line of work that anyone with any serious illness or injury is not interviewed by that now trashed rag.

As England Expects explained rather more eloquently and honestly than Long-Shot,

I will tell you what is odious. The fact that on Friday, just after Farage had delivered a barnstormer of a speech at the Milton Keynes conference I recieved a phone call. It was Camilla Long,
"Look Gawain", she said, "I am really sorry to ask you this but the editors have told me to",
"What's that?" I said,
"They want me to ask which one of his balls was removed after his cancer".
You want odious? I would suggest even asking that question is pretty bloody impertinent and cheap, and I told her so, but she persisted. So I agreed to ask, but told her not to expect a particularly forthcoming answer.

When I asked Farage, he was, unusually for him somewhat put out, but after saying that he though it a cheap shot he then he recovered his normal poise,
"Tell her if she is so bloody interested that she can come over and check herself".
So I called her back and told her, both that he felt is tawdry, but if she must then that is his coment.

Or as she puts it..
...two days later when I call his press officer to confirm which testicle he had removed. Farage has just given his party conference speech and is in high spirits. “Tell her to come and find out, ha-ha-ha!” he shouts over the din.

A woman would never be asked which breast was removed after breast cancer and no other politician would be asked such an invasive and utterly unnecessary question. No member of the public would be expected to answer but because Camilla Long is rammed in the sweaty crevice of the establishment and only has a vague grasp, if any, on the concept of civil liberties and democracy she thinks this is okay to ask a UKIP politician.

The Press Awards have been tarnished by her nomination, let alone her undeserved victory.

Surely rule 1 of reviewing a book is that one reviews the book? I perhaps can guess at what happened here, though. There's a very good chance that the woman cannot read for she certainly cannot write.


Uncle Marvo said...

I beat Camilla to it. Gordon and his band fucked me, royally, years ago.

The Minstrel Boy said...

Gordon Brown might as well fuck Camilla Long, (she certainly deserves it!). After all, why should she be any different? He's fucked the rest of us, and the entire country over and over again!
I clicked your link and read 'Oh Gordon, take me now!' I nearly threw up at the thought of them together. There's obviously something wrong with her. It also shows what weirdos she hangs out with when 7 out of ten of her friends are of the same mindset!
'The Times' has gone the same way as most British newspapers recently. They put on a front of being objective and impartial, but never print anything too risky or controversial. I have started reading the news from Australian, American and other foreign papers recently. It is surprising how much is kept out of the British news, Major anti EU demonstrations etc. get no mention at all in our news, but are front page stories in america and Australia. Last year for example, over 10,000 people stormed the parliament building in Riga, Latvia, and barricaded the government inside in protest of their EU membership. The security forces were overwhelmed and had to take refuse themselves within the buildings. Frontpage news and several pages inside for the New York Times. Coverage from the British media? Zero!

The Minstrel Boy said...

To add to my last comment on EU manipulation of the media, this is from the NY Times today.

As the E.U. Does More, Fewer Tell About It

James Higham said...

Quite possibly, Trixy, quite possibly.

ukipwebmaster said...

Vote for us!