Wednesday, March 03, 2010

3000 Euro for a damp rag

The President of the Parliament and the ridiculous Herman Van Rompuy have done a wonderful job demonstrating exactly why anyone who wants an independent country and civil liberties should vote for the UK to leave the EU. Fining an elected member of a Parliament because they don't like what they say is the sign of a dictatorship. As my representative in that region, Farage spoke what I think to a man I cannot vote for and want to fuck off. Most people in the European Parliament make little sense and yet I'm stuck with the fuckers interfering in my life.

Their open displays of hatred towards the views and opinions of the peoples of Europe is evident in their every day actions and speeches: if only our media would look at how we're governered and let us look at some of it. It's only on rare occasions like this that we get a glimpse of what it's really like.

Of course we have this Treaty because only Ireland was given the chance to vote and when they voted incorrectly they were asked again and lied to and bullied. So we have this Treaty which costs us not just money but freedom. And when we now criticise it, the result is punishment.

Did you hear the papers calling for the suspension and fining of Vince Cable when he compared Gordon Brown to Mr Bean? Quite the contrary; he received cheers and praise for being so 'witty'. I don't disagree with comparing Gordon Brown with a mentally retarded social outcast, I only wish the man would stick with driving around in a mini and trying to get his television aerial to work by taking his clothes off and sitting in a cardboard box rather than raping this country.

One of the people who called for punishment for freedom of speech is Martin Schultz who gets to decide on laws in this country even though he's German. He thinks that people who oppose the EU are fascist. Danny Cohn-Bendit said people who wanted a referendum on Lisbon were mentally ill.

But that it allowed, because they are just calling you and me that. And who are we to them? They don't give a fuck about us: we are just a group to ignore until election time when they pray on our ignorance and our obsession with the social lives of strangers.

As the ghastly Margot Wallstrom said, Ireland had to be ignored because 'European Leaders have invested a lot of capital in this Treaty'. It was, like RBS, clearly too big to fail.

It's too big to continue, if you value your freedom and your pay packet. Take note of such hypocrisy and remember it when you vote.

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