Monday, August 24, 2009

UK taxpayer 'feels like a pelican'

Every way they turn, they've got an enormous bill.

The latest one comes via everyone's favourite antidemocratic instutition: the EU.

Britain's net contribution to the EU – the amount we contribute minus the amount we receive in terms of grants and rebates – is going to increase by more than £2 billion next year. Having sworn that he would "not negotiate [the UK's rebate] away", Mr Blair proceeded to precisely that. His action was endorsed by the then chancellor, Gordon Brown.

I was there at that meeting in 2005 when Tony Blair sat grinning at the front of the chamber in Brussels.

Godfrey Bloom MEP sat at the front in a deer stalker with pipe: Sherlock Holmes searching for the win for Britain in the whole deal.

As he says; why should British tax payers fund new sewers in Budapest and a new underground system in Warsaw? Everyone would benefit if we engaged in free international trade. It's not a new concept, Ricardo's Theory of Comparative Advantage has been around for a while and yet the excuse that people use for wanting us to remain in the EU: some notion of collective power and trade - has stopped that happening.

This government lied about the referendum, used their inability to believe a word they say as an excuse in court and cost you billions of pounds for an organisation you've repeatedly said you're not happy with.

The Irish Referendum on the Lisbon Consitution is in October. After Libertas who knows what Declan Ganley is doing but bet your bottom dollar (literally: your tax money will be used to fund the YES campaign in Ireland for the second time) that the people who think you're too stupid to know what's best for your future will be campaigning for a YES vote this time round. It's the only acceptable answer to them, you see.

I know that Nigel Farage will be campaigning for a NO, trying to let the Irish people know that these 'promised' they've had aren't worth the paper they're written on so nothing's changed since they first voted NO.

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