Wednesday, August 26, 2009

An English Country Garden

With thanks to Godfrey Bloom MEP for shoving this in my direction:

It's all very youtube orientated here at the moment. That's because I'm very busy and important and need a valium just to listen to the news these days.

Seriously - I heard some Lib Dem moron and a chap from The Times on the news last night where the gist of what they were saying was that people shouldn't be able to debate.

It's rather like the hideous reaction to Dan Hannan's comments on the NHS. It was met with cries of horror that anyone could criticise the bloated slush fund that is our health care system, carefully circumnavigating those huge tables which show Britain as somewhere behind Slovakia and a region in the far north of Iceland in terms of patient choice and survival rates. Never mind that with such a large amount of our money being spent on it we should regularly debate it, attacking the NHS appears to be the political equivalent of telling your best friend you want to shag his mother.

My GP, a nice chap and not particularly given to bouts of what I like to call 'being an interesting bloke' said that when he was at school learning history Communism was something he couldn't get his head around. Then he joined the NHS and it all became clear.

Anyway, enjoy the video thing. I'm off to listen to my mother talk about how she can't find a GP within a 10 mile radius to register with now that hers has retired.


scunnert said...

What does your mother look like?

James Higham said...

It hasn't gone unnoticed that it is youtube oriented, dear.