Sunday, June 21, 2009

Britblog roundup 227: the ill cat edition

It's roundup time again on a blog which I have been treating like a wife of a few years who has grown fat and boring.

I'm sorry, blog. I love you dearly but not having a computer at home anymore makes it difficult to pay you enough attention. And so my mind and eye wanders.

Roundup this week will not be very long and poetic as my cat is ill and I need to find him. The neighbours have now grown used to seeing me on all fours, peering under their cars and in bushes looking for the silly animal. Poor dears: no one deserves to turn the corner and see me on all fours with my arse sticking up in the air making stupid noises.

And so to the blogs. This week the number one story was that of Nightjack, the blogger exposed by The Times after Justice Eady ruled that bloggers have no right to anonymity. Shame on them say I and many, many other people. My particular favourite came from Jackart and Heresy Corner.

Permit me to quote the ever relevant Blackadder:

Beau Brummel in purple pants probe." "King talks to tree. Phew what a loony!"

God, the Times has really gone downhill recently hasn't it!

On the subject of the rozzers, Senator Stuart is going to take up climbing rather than me harassed by our friends with the talking broaches. Unmitigated England can't even get a chance to look at a nice building, so zealous are Market Harborough's 'Council Wehrmacht' and parked cars.

Sticking with that town, Liberal England has been doing some research into a training establishment for ladies to learn how to be domestic servants prior to emigration. Could do with starting that one up again, I suspect.

Backwatersman has a wonderful piece on these Colonel Blimp (Retd) types from Cheltenham. You know, the ones who talk to their wives across the table about only the weather and can hear a youth with an iPod from 200 yards away.

Moving away from the lighthearted, His Grace has a thing or two to say about advertising abortion services. Each to their own, I say, but I would like to point out to his holiness that these organisations aren't 'pro-abortion' but 'pro choice'. I don't think anyone goes out to have a deep and meaningful overnight relationship with the hope of an unwanted pregnancy and an unpleasant procedure. Just a point.

The F word have taken umbrage with Master Worstall's piece that there's no gender pay gap. Quite a squabble and no prizes for guessing which side of the argument this particular Doris is on.

Swiss Toni says you commuters can keep London, with your smelly underground trains.

Jackart has a point to make on immigrants and the Jeremy Kyle gang who choose not to work.

And spare a thought for Craig Murray who has discovered that he doesn't exist.
But not only my virtual existence is tenuous. I have been surprised to discover that it seems that I was mistaken about my physical existence too. Today The Guardian leads with the story that Tony Blair knew of a secret UK policy of receiving intelligence from torture...

The strange thing is, I could have sworn that I had been a British Ambassador and had been smeared in a campaign orchestrated by No 10, and then sacked, for opposing this torture policy. I thought I had blown the whistle on this policy five years ago and published a number of government documents which proved the existence of this policy. I even thought I had written a book about it which became a bestseller.

Staying with Tony Blair and his dodgy policies, I would love to have read Dave Cole's piece on why the Iraq war inquiry should have been conducted in secret, but the link currently doesn't work.

So instead readers will have to make do with my little rant on the subject, reaching the conclusion that of course it should be conducted in public. It's out money and they're our Armed Forces and you work for us, chaps.

I'll finish on the excellent post by the poor little Greek boy on how the protests in Iran can unite the left and right. It's my favourite post of the week so Mr Eugenides gets a special prize of his own choosing.

That's that, then. Next week we're off to visit Natalie and you can nominate lovely posts by writing to the usual address: britblog [at] gmail dot com

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