Sunday, February 12, 2006

I am enjoying this

Over the last two six nations championships, England haven't really done that well - because they had lost key players from injury and resignation after the 2003 World Cup win. I had a plastic Taff boyfriend some time ago, and last year, even though we had split up (his fault) I still had to endure his triump of Wales over the 'hated Saes'. Hated, I think, because the English were successful in the Empire. I noticed yesterday when Chelsea were beated 3-0 to Middlesborough? that people wanted to see success brought down: it was these people who were happy that Chelsea lost who were also supporting Italy against England, even though they were not Italian.

But, ha ha, we won. AGAIN. Maybe not with such pizazz as we would have liked, but we did. And I sincerely hope that Scotland beat Wales today, because to see the table lead with England and follow with Scotland, and have Wales at the bottom would make me supremely happy.


Marcus Stead said...

Yeah, yeah, dream on you English b******s! Okay, you got the better of us last week but the real test will be next year's World Cup.

The truth is Wales are looking better than ever! I'm still celebrating the greatest day in Welsh rugby history, 5th February 2005! Remember it, do you? Wales 11, England 9. I bet you haven't stopped having nightmares about it ever since.

Since then we've had to suffer a Lions tour, which saw our greatest stars' minds poisoned by Clive Woodward's brand of negative, defensive rugby which resulted in unspectacular defeat on all grounds. It's bound to take our boys a while to disinfect themselves from his lectures (read his autobiography if you want to know the sort of rubbish he comes out with, such as running a rugby team like a small business, hmmm).

Of course, anyone with any sense knows the only reason a load of English public schoolboys ever won the world cup was because there were very few other half- decent teams in the world at the time. I was living there at the time, and found a load of English sycophants who had never watched a game of rugby in their lives suddenly became their biggest fans, bet they've all gone quiet recently!

And correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't Italy beating England for a period in the second half yesterday? Pathetic! You don't stand a chance against a full strength Wales.

Scotland might've beaten an off- colour France, but they proved no match for the mighty Dragon today. The truth is the championship is wide open after this weekend. You English don't stand a chance against France, or even Ireland, if you played like you did against Italy (I'm quarter Italian, by the way) this weekend.

Remember, we've still got pretty boy Henson to come back, so don't write us off just yet. There'll be no grand slam this year, not by us, or you English, or anyone else, but my money's firmly on Wales to retain the 6 nations championship.

Everyone should book a holiday in Wales, home of sheep, a massively overpriced debating chamber nobody wanted down Cardiff Bay, expensive nights out, a thriving UKIP Youth movement and genuine world class rugby!!

Why go anywhere else?

Trixy said...

Oh yes, Wales did so well against a Scotland team with only 14 players. Well done you.

The reason England won the world cup is because we were the best team at the time. Get over it. Slagging off the other teams by saying they weren't as good as they usually are doesn't help your argument much.

Not having nightmares about some 2 point victory, no. You having nightmares from the other day?

A trip to Wales - only if I can campaign against that stupid assembly you have down there. Do they sing hymns before they star debating about the correct weight for daffodil bulbs? That's how our assemblys at school always started....

Marcus Stead said...

Funny you should say that- on March 1st (St David's Day) UKIP Wales will be holding a huge protest outside the new Assembly building when it's officially opened by the dear old Queen. We've already hired a giant, inflatable white elephant. You're more than welcome to join us- bring some friends & colleagues as well.

As for the rugby, I'm in despair after last night's announcement of Mike Ruddock's resignation as Wales coach. Imagining Welsh rugby without Mike Ruddock is like UKIP without Nigel Farage. I have no idea what the real reasons behind his resignation are- there's all sorts of rumours doing the rounds today.

Right, March 1st, Cardiff, be there! Same goes for anyone else reading this!

Trixy said...

Am skiing, sorry! But good luck with it.

Maybe get in touch with some North West chaps?