Friday, February 03, 2006

How far will Richard Corbett go?

He first incurred my wrath when he accused me of lying about being attacked in the European Parliament: I was protesting peacefully about the EU Constitution (his baby -literally) when I was pounced on by 4 security guards and then in the forthcoming investigation, they failed to interview the one member of staff who was acutally involved in it (me). Corbett in his deepest, wildest fantasies came out and accuse me of being a liar, without ever having met me, asked me about what happened and not evenbeing a spectator to the incident.

He seems to spend his time following everything to do with Godfrey Bloom; one can only guess he is in the pursuit of a personality. He has now decided to openly accuse UKIP of being racist.

Now, the OED (it's produced in England, Richard, not Belgium so you probably won't have read it) describes racist as:

discrimination against or antagonism towards other races.

When you google UKIP, and actually bother to research anything about, it rather than get in a small hyperactive fit about a party saying that the forcing together of nations who want to be individual is anything other than a good thing, you will find that UKIP is a non racist party. Yes, honey. Wanting control over your own borders doesn't mean you hate people from other countries. Saying that the embracing of cultures that are different doesn't make you racist. Saying you want trade, rather than aid (in the spirit of education I point you in the direction of any book containing the 'lost decade of development') doesn't mean you are a racist. Quite the contrary. In fact, saying someone or a party is racist without actually checking any facts is actually an offense.

May I suggest, angel of the north - or wherever you live - that you spend a little less time exerting your considerable energies over your obesession with UKIP, and more time trying to so something useful. I would not be so bold as to suggest what that could involve.

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Elaib said...

He lives in Antwerp, all the better to serve his Yorkshire constituency