Tuesday, November 01, 2005

David Cameron getting his knickers in a twist

Over the Tories pulling out of the EPP. I grant you, it would be a step in the right direction but will it really make any difference? If they leave, they move away from being run by a centerist (they may be right wing in Euroland, but they're certainly not compared to the UK) federalist pro constitution, pro euro German who thinks that the Commission are the new religion, but they are still a massivly split party.

Say what you will about the Lib Dems (and isn't their plenty to say) at least they are honest about their view towards the EU. They might not publicise it that loudly for fear of losing most of their voters, but they don't say the complete opposite. Labour confuse me on this issue. Their old Labour supporters hate the EU on the grounds that it wastes money and takes power away from the nation (yet they like trade unions...hmmm...) but President Blair can't give away enough of our right to govern ourselves!

The Tories, though. 1999 was a bad year for them as they had to come up with a policy on Europe. 2004 was less of a bother since they ran with a line which translated: 'we're shit, but not as shit as they are.' Now they are trying to hide the fact that most of their MEPs have gone native and are loving the cushy number over there. They keep bleeting on about trying to return power from Brussels, in Europe but not run by Europe and then they vote for regulation after regulation which gives MORE power to them! It irritates me beyond belief.

And on irritating subjects: that bitch who wants to ban fun. The Health Secretary banning smoking anywhere that dares to allow people to breath fire and brimstone whilst enjoying a pint. I have much to say on that matter, but first I'm going to have a quick ciggie...

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