Monday, October 17, 2005

When you have a hammer, every problem looks like a nail

You may remember a few months back that Farage instigated a Motion of Censure on 'President' Barrosso, to try make him answer a few simple questions. Well, he did come to the Parliament as enough signatures were collected, but the story which emerged from it was regarding Roger Helmer and the direction of the Tories in the EP.

Let's not forget that in the UK, Conservatives get votes from the Eurosceptic population: people who say they believe in what parties such as the UKIP stand for, but who still think the only way out of the EU is through the Tories. Can this truly be the case when they are members of the federalist EPP, who vote for the Consitution and the EMU (I will note here that the Conservatives did vote no to the Constitution although they funded the YES campaign through their secretarial allowances) and their leader, Timothy Kirkhope, removes the whip from MEPs who stand up for transparency and accountability?

Below is a link to the website of the esteemed Roger Helmer - the Tory who, despite being bullied to remove his name from the motion of censure, held strong.

Happy reading, and well done Roger!

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