Friday, October 14, 2005

Look what Godfrey found behind his fridge!

UKIP MEP, Godfrey Bloom. You may remember him as the chap who made headlines last year, for saying - on joining the EU's Equal Opportunities Committee - that modern women "don't clean behind the fridge enough". Yesterday, he brandished a copy of Busty Beauties at a meeting of the same committee. He'd earlier purchased it from the parliament's own newsagent. "I don't think I've sat through an equal opportunities meeting, ever, without them spending an hour talking about the exploitation of women," Bloom tells me. "They drone on and on about it, and sneer because I'm a man. And then their own shop is selling this ... It's the hypocrisy I can't stand. This is another example of the double standards that pervade at the EU."

And he's right. This place talks so much shite, and then does exactly the opposite. Like Brüner, the guy in charge of the anti-fraud office on the EU who has in 5 years, never investigated and charged a single EU official for fraud. Even the Eurostat case - the EU equivalent of the great train robbery - was brushed under the carpet. The EU is in charge of a budget of €90 bn, and huge amounts of this budget go missing each year. This is an institution where the accounts have not been signed off for 10 years, and if an auditor does his job properly, and whistle-blows on cases of fraud and embezzelment, he is sacked.

This is a place where our ears are bent until they bleed about helping out LDCs - and yet it is a customs union which refuses to trade and help these countries, and instead gives them aid. Anyone who remembers or has studied the 'lost decade of development' in Latin America particularly will be able to recall that this was brought about through a complete disincentive effect due to such 'aid'. Their hurry to help these people is, unfortunately, not matched by their desperate aim to show people that the EU is a good idea: that becoming a 'United States of Europe' (and that's what the plan is, chaps, and it's a case of in or out) is the only way for the new world order of equality ensured by regulation.

Count me out. I'd rather live in a world where the truth is prevelent, and where arse-licking, banal and deliberately misleading press releases don't get published. A place where propaganda is something children learn about when they study dictatorial regimes such as Communist Russia, Nazi Germany and the European Union, rather than an every day situation where we are told what to think, in order to keep the dream of the super state alive. And I'd certainly not live in a world where people look like Liz Lyn or RIchard Corbett, and where Peter Mandelson is i charge of anything other than keeping shoe-boxes in a neat line.


Matthew Richardson said...

Yay for boobies

Trixy said...

Well, quite.

Rather useful for filling out dresses and the such.