Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Each time we must choose between Europe and the open sea, we shall always choose the open sea

Thank-you, Mr Churchill. I think I'll conventional ignore your views on women and their role in society for a short period so I can focus on your quiet excellent comment. Unfortunately at the moment, we have puerile, ignorant people running our country, and the Labour government aren't much cop, so Britain is still choosing the holiday landmass as political Mecca. Mind you, there are some people here who chose Mecca as, well, Mecca and I think I prefer people allowing crazy laws to happen, rather than liberal-lefties allowing people inciting racial hatred to stay in the country and paying them, indeed.

I digress. We were talking about Churchill, and his comment that Britain is an Island, not part of the mainland, and we shouldn't forget that. Now we even have a Frenchman saying that. Maurice Druon has said that Britain's aversion to full integration means it should not be a full member of the EU, and let others get on with it. I like his sentiments. It's true - Britain does not want to hand over power of its economy to another supranational organisation (and quite why anyone would baffles me. Perhaps I should ask the Italians?), doesn't like fraud, has a former empire to trade with, and relations with America, rather than preferring to trade in a bloc and kill people in LDCs with subsidies, and is not as keen as other European countries on draconian laws and regulations set out to shoot SMEs in the head and make sure that we can never compete on the world stage without market interference. I say Britain doesn't like that. Clearly, our tin pot government does....

However, I have another point to say to M Druon. Yes, if you look at the recent YouGov poll, 62% of people asked wanted a referendum and 50% of those wanted to replace the EU nonsense with a free trade agreement, with 17% not sure so in Britain you can say we are taking a realistic attitude to the political union. However, M Druon, there was an important referendum in your back yard not so long ago, where, if I recall correctly, the majority of people in France made it perfectly clear that they did not like the way the EU was going by rejecting the European Constitution. The Constitution makes the EU responsible not just for 70% of domestic legislation anymore, but about 90% and is the furthest integration in Europe ever suggested. But the French and the Dutch say 'no'...Maybe they want to chose the open sea every now and again?

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