Sunday, June 06, 2010

Bonus time for bootleggers?

(I'm posting this on behalf of the Lovely One.)

So it's only been a few weeks but I'm still yet to be bowled over by the repealing of detrimental legislation which was piled on this country by the combination of Brussels and the ghastly ex-Labour government.

ID cards were satisfying but quite frankly I'm hungry for more. We had thirteen years of incompetence and those people running the country into the ground and what I'm looking for is something more, well, groundbreaking. As far as I can tell it's still illegal to do things which are normal things to do like, for example, smoke inside, and at the same time we have the Lib Dems trying to force the utterly ruinous rocketing of CGT which people like Jackart don't seem to think so terrible for some reason. I've no idea why that is except, like a second marriage, it's a triumph of hope over experience.

A rise in CGT will stop people investing in, well, most things. Second homes which are pension provisions especially since Gordon Brown raped our pension pots. Shares which boost many areas of economic life through injections of liquidity. Even for demand side economists who worship the Income Equation, a generous boost of 'I' is just what the doctor ordered in these economically uncertain times.

But here's a basic thing that the coalition could do, which wouldn't really need much effort and would be a step in the right direction both for our civil liberties and small businesses.

SALES of blackmarket cigarettes could outstrip legal sales in Britain unless ­Labour’s draconian over-the-counter ban is reversed for shopkeepers.

In Canada a similar ban saw contraband sales in parts of the country overtake shop sales within 12 months of the new law coming in.

If the same thing happened in Britain, hundreds of newsagents would go to the wall and the Treasury would lose out on millions more in unpaid taxes.

One hardly expects a Labour government to do anything remotely sensible which is part of the reason why we're in the mess we are in. But I'm afraid that a Tory majority coalition should not have the excuse of incompetence to hide behind.

They are supposed to be the party which abhores excessive regulation and wants to promote freedoms and small businesses. I do hope that this marriage of convenience with the Lib Dems does not turn out to be more like an affaire de coeur with a mere mistress having undue influence.

It's about time that this country had a government with a vague grasp on the right thing to do. And this one seems pretty simple to me.


Jackart said...

You misunderstand me. Raising CGT is a fucking silly idea. It just won't raise any money. I understand the political motivation, and that's it.

Lovely said...

Bloody good post, in my view! Great stuff Trix

Anonymous said...

Better say nothing than nothing to the purpose...................................................

Smoking Hot said...

How about 'Bonus time for EU Shoppers'? Too many times are we tagged as smugglers/bootleggers simply because we take advantage of the bargains abroad compared to the extortionate prices in UK.

For those that don't smoke let me ask you this:- lf you could buy petrol @50p a litre abroad and bring back as much as you want ... would you? Or would you stick to some arbitary guideline set by Customs?

EU Shoppers are constantly robbed by Customs simply because they are not prepared for the type of questions and tactics used by Customs. These confiscations are put down as smuggling ... wrongly!

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

@Smoking Hot

HMRC and HM Gubmint are still being prosecuted for the theft / confiscations of legitimately purchased and imported goods by EU-Brussels >>> that case hasn't been settled that I'm aware of and is still rumblin ahead....

The MSM aren't too keen for some reason to keep the population abreast of matters like this - nooo sireee.

Not much reporting of all those custome officers in Kent doing porridge for theft + handling stolen goods either....

Or the "24 senior officers" on suspension (full pay natch) while the "investigation of corruption" progresses - a few "early retirements" no doubt.

luvverly state we've got eh?